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Sedentary Office Lifestyle, the Workplace Killer.

The workplace is notorious with acronyms like GDPR, ATM, etc., but not with SOL, Sedentary Office Lifestyle. With workplace habits perpetuating this hazardous lifestyle, the workplace is killing employees. Increasing physical activities, taking social breaks from the office regularly with colleagues can help counteract the health risks associated with Sedentary Office lifestyle.

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There’s no stopping Boutique Fitness

The past couple of years saw an increase in the popularity of specialised fitness facilities known as 'boutique fitness' and the trend doesn't look like it's waning. With this increasing popularity, it is easy to see why fitness enthusiasts prefer the boutique fitness...

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Keep motivated during your fitness journey

Looking for some inspiration to keep going during your fitness journey? We have rounded up some tips to make sure you stay motivated throughout the way. Downloading an app like Zoique that monitors your progress and performance and gives personalised recommendations...

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