What is Zoique?

Zoique is a wellness app that uses your wellness data to provide guidance to your activity and nutritional choices. It provides recommendations on the next fitness class to reserve and healthy meal to buy based on your tracked data and goals.

Where is Zoique available?

Zoique is currently available in London but we are expanding to cities near you.

Can I reserve fitness class?

No. Zoique recommends fitness studios nearby with classes tailored to your needs. You can call to reserve a class with the studios directly of visit with the address details provided. In future users may be able to book directly from the app but now that is not possible.

Is Zoique a subscription app? 

No. Zoique is free to download and free to use its contents.

What do I get with Zoique now?

You can receive active recommendations based on your tracked data. You will also get insights into your calorie consumptions and macros as well as your calories expenditure based on your tracked activities.

Can I invite my friends?

Yes you can invite your friends from your contact list using their email or from Facebook contacts. Once they’ve accepted, you can view their achievements and activities completed or scheduled for. In future versions you will be able to share images and communicate via chat.

What type of recommendation will I get?

You need to log as many activities and meals as possible to ensure you get accurate recommendations. However, you will be informed of activities that you are binging on and those that need attention. A recommendation of fitness studios that will enable you to find balance will be provided.

Can I choose a fitness class of my preference?

Yes. You can discover a variety of fitness classes grouped according to their workout categories – Cardio, Strength Training, and Stretch.Each one is sub divided into sub-categories.

What types of classes are included?

Indoor cycling, Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, boot camp, barre, cardio dance, HIIT, TRX, Tabata, Anti-gravity, boxing, rowing and more are included for your choosing.

Who are Zoique users?

Anyone who enjoys working out at boutique fitness studios and other fitness facilities.

How do you promote my business?

We promote your venues and services on our website, in our mobile app and on our social channels. Our users typically attend as individuals participating in whichever activities you make available to us.

Do I get a Workout Plan and a Meal Plan?

Once you sign-up with the app, you are automatically provided a workout plan and a meal plan that will enable you reach you fitness goals.