The Importance of Team Building

By Emeka Ogbonnaya

Team building requires a sequence of planned activities aimed at improving teamwork to increase group cohesion and effectiveness. Team building works to build better relationships, increase understanding of group goals and improve communications among members. Many underestimate the importance of team building and think that group cohesion and teamwork occur naturally in groups.

Unfortunately, quite the opposite is true; those things must be continuously supported and nurtured by all group members. Just think about a project team. When project teams are formed they must tackle the difficulties of becoming familiar with one another and begin the process of working together. As they progress through the stages of team development they too may experience problems of inadequate teamwork and lack of cohesion at various points of time. This is why team building is so important to the long-term success of any organisation.

When done correctly and at the right times, team building can help a organisations manage their level of cohesion and teamwork challenges when they happen or help them prevent such issues from developing at all.  The objective of team building is improving teamwork to increase group cohesion and effectiveness. There are many different approaches to team building that can be used to meet this objective depending on the difficulties that a particular group is facing. Three of the most common types of team building include personality-based team buildingactivity-based team building and skills-based team building.

Personality-Based Team Building

Personality-based team building is used to increase the understanding of who each group member is and how to better communicate with one another. Typically group members will take a personality assessment that helps them not only learn about their own personalities but also learn about the personalities of their fellow group members. The assessment results become a learning tool that groups can use to facilitate various developmental activities.

Activity-Based Team Building

Activity-based team building is used to provide a group with challenging tasks aimed at problem-solving, risk-taking, trust-building and paradigm-breaking. These activities may have little to do with what the group does in the real world but serve as an important example for how to apply these skills in their group work.

Skills-Based Team Building

Skills-based team building, in contrast to activity-based team building, is aimed at improving the specific teamwork skills that group members need to accomplish their goal and can be immediately applied in the workplace. Skills such as teamwork, listening, conflict resolution, giving feedback and criticism and running effective meetings are the focus of skills-based team building. Skills-based team building helps to get at the root cause of many group difficulties by addressing the skills needed to work effectively in a group environment.

Team building is all about matching the right group with the right team building activity: if people can’t seem to get along, choose personality-based team building; if people are having trouble solving problems as groups, choose activity-based team building; and if the group is having problems functioning as a group and going through the motions of teamwork, choose skills-based team building. Some groups may require a combination of the various team-building options to reach maximum effectiveness.

At Zoique we offer employees activity-based team building with focus on team’s physical and mental wellbeing with the aim of bringing about a cohesive group. We enable the members see themselves as one entity rather than a collection of individuals, have respect for each others opinion and have feelings of loyalty and trust.

If you wish to contact our team for quote on a team building package for your organisation, feel free to contact us.

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