The Top 4 Workplace Perks You’ll See Trending In 2019

Jan 2019

It’s no news that millennials account for up to 50% of the workforce today and they are expected to rise to 75% by 2025. Their influence on organisational culture and productivity is immense and employers are beginning to realise the intense competition to attract, retain and engage them.

Ping pong tables, catered lunches, or happy hours are great to attract top talents, but to keep them at a company, the workplace has to echo a positive environment where employees feel a sense of camaraderie, have fun together within teams and are appreciated collectively and individually.

In recent years, non-monetary perks have tended to gravitate towards Corporate Wellness or Employee Wellbeing programmes and employees can’t get enough of them. Below are our top four Workplace Perks for 2019.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence EI is simply the ability for someone to understand and manage their emotions. Emotional intelligence in the workplaces is essentially understanding, expressing and managing, good relationships and solving problems under pressure with diversified workforce. Since every decision made at the workplace can often be emotionally charged, businesses are offering EI training to employees as part of leadership training and an employee perk, to help improve collaboration among diverse and global teams. Emotional intelligence is more significant than ever before especially as cross-cultural and global teams interact.

Flexible working

Flexible working is now mainstream and organisations who are not offering this as an employee perk may already be too late to the party. Almost half (47%) of respondents cite flexible working as the most desirable workplace benefit that they would like to receive, according to research by CV Library. It will not surprise you to know that millennials are attracted to organisations that offer flexible working whether Working From Home (WFH) or 4-day week or later start. This isn’t just a millennial desire. It is a desire that spans four generations— Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and the incoming Gen Z-ers. Each generation with different leadership, communication, working, and learning styles, but they all share a common desire for more workplace flexibility. Experimenting with flexibility doesn’t mean employees are any less committed to the success of their organisation. On the contrary, flexible working can mean greater quality work and increased productivity.

Wellness Perks

The strains of the modern workplace environment can be detrimental to physical and mental health; inactivity, stress and fatigue are now major concerns costing both the employee and the organisation. To alleviate these concerns, employers are taking better responsibility for employees’ wellbeing via the provision of a variety of wellness perks. Employers are now adopting measures like Mental Health programs, flexible working hours, later starts and 4-day work week.. While discounted gym membership may seem out-dated and unappealing today, they still lurk around in most companies perk list. Having said that, employers are experimenting with wellness experiences in the workplace, like healthier options in the vending machines and canteens. Businesses are now very much into onsite wellness events like yoga or boxing sessions as well as offsite fitness classes at boutique studios nearby.

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 Team Experiences

With more businesses than ever moving toward team-based work structures, team-based reward programs have become essential. These types of incentive plans are often performance-focused and can be either monetary or non-monetary, but the overall goal is to encourage team participation and productivity. Like I mentioned earlier, the non-monetary rewards tend to gravitate towards team experiences or corporate day out, where team members are encouraged to unplug and have fun outside the workplace. These experiences ranges from group indoor cycle session at boutique fitness studios nearby or a team tour at an art exhibition in town or further afield in the form a wellness retreat all paid for or part-paid for by the employer. These wellness-themed team experiences are upgrades to the relics discounted gym memberships and annual health checks without the financial drain.

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The New Year will bring in some exciting workplace practices employers hope will attract, retain and engage employees in 2019. For employers that want to lead the pack in employee engagement practices, health and wellbeing, these four workplace perks trends highlighted above might help you take your corporate wellness and employee benefit programs up a notch as you compete for top talents.

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