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Our Mission

“Promoting awareness of the health risks associated with sedentary office lifestyle and its impact on productivity”. Our aim is to encourage wellness-themed social experiences outside the workplace.

Office Lifestyle is hazardous to our health

As workers and entrepreneurs, we know that Sedentary Office Lifestyle is hazardous to our health and it’s never fun to think that our everyday habits could lead to an untimely death. So it occurred to us that fusing wellness-themed activities with corporate team building outside the workplace will go a long way to solving the problem.

Redefining team building events

We are redefining team building events and corporate days out by introducing wellness-inspired activities designed to provide adrenaline-fueled experiences. These activities will promote camaraderie, communication, leadership and wellness, with the aim of increasing every team’s productivity and proficiency at the workplace. We are on a journey, join us.

“We believe there’s no better way of harnessing employee effectiveness than enabling managed interactions outside the workplace. For us, such interactions are best at fitness facilities where they can be challenged physically and mentally. Our mission is to help organisations develop and sustain a wellness culture that encourages teams effectiveness and wellbeing.”  

Emeka Ogbonnaya, Founder and CEO.

Our £1 Pledge

Zoique Wellness is not only about encouraging corporate wellbeing and establishing meaningful corporate relationships, we are also about bringing people together to create an even better world through charitable givings. 
Our platform enables the extension of corporate wellbeing to corporate giving, a part of Corporate Social Responsibilities. As a result, we have teamed up with notable children charities in the UK to receive a £1 donation from every booking. 
Our Charities

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