Teams and Team-Based Rewards

Teams and Team-Based Rewards Many companies have already moved away from functional structures into team-based environments with only 38 percent of all companies and 24 percent of large companies (>50,000 employees) are functionally organized today, according to...

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How to Reward Your High Performance Teams

How to Reward Your High Performance Teams By Emeka Ogbonnaya We know now that getting the most out of your team depends on collectively rewarding and recognising them. But with all the known benefits of team-based rewards, it can be tough for managers to implement...

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Importance of Team Building

The Importance of Team Building By Emeka Ogbonnaya Team building requires a sequence of planned activities aimed at improving teamwork to increase group cohesion and effectiveness. Team building works to build better relationships, increase understanding of group...

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Sedentary Office Lifestyle, the Workplace Killer.

The workplace is notorious with acronyms like GDPR, ATM, etc., but not with SOL, Sedentary Office Lifestyle. With workplace habits perpetuating this hazardous lifestyle, the workplace is killing employees. Increasing physical activities, taking social breaks from the office regularly with colleagues can help counteract the health risks associated with Sedentary Office lifestyle.

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